Images play a very important role in web publishing and many content management programs such as WordPress made it very easy to upload images and edit its description, alt text, caption, etc. Some people simply skip over these details and upload the images without so much as editing the caption or even the description. Using the standard “DSC008.jpeg” for the image name does not sound well for SEO. The same goes for a generic description or alt text.

Try to search for an image that should be associated with your website. If you used the right SEO, your website image should appear on the Google search results page. If it doesn’t, you’re doing your images wrong and you are being lazy about applying SEO on every aspect of your website—the images, the content, and the address.

Title, caption, and alt text

The title of the image is the most editable piece of information about the photo you upload on your website. It will appear on the permalink of the photo and could be useful for search engines to tag your photos when someone searches for the keywords in the title. You can also use the title to search for images in your media archive, making it easier for you to see photos you have uploaded years back.

The caption is the text that appears right below the image (or somewhere else, depending on the template you used). You can use several different captions in one blog post, for example. It should be a brief description of what the image is and what it is about. In WordPress, the caption can contain HTML, including links.

The alt attribute or alt text is mandatory for web images, though they are often ignored by web managers. The alt text is both important and powerful. This is the text that is displayed on the screen when the images do not appear. It tells the reader what should have been displayed. It should describe what the image is.

Original photos

If you use stock photos, your website will look unoriginal and it will be just like any other website out there. It won’t have originality and it certainly won’t be unique. Too many websites are already cluttered with the same photos, so how can your SEO be any different?

Although you can customize your SEO to suit your company’s needs, it won’t have the same impact as an original photo that will use the SEO specifically designed for your business.