The moment a web visitor lands on your page, the clock is already ticking. Did your page load fast enough for them to want to stay? If it did not load in three to five seconds, expect the web users to forego waiting and just open another website. And once the page opens, what will make them stay there? This is a crucial time in converting the web user from a casual passerby into a loyal customer. What they find in the Orlando web design will be critical in making them want to stay and navigate further.

One of the most popular ways to start the engagement with web visitors is through the use of questionnaires. Instead of having them read details about the products you are offering, you will instead post a series of questions that the web users will be intrigued enough to answer. This interactive experience has been super effective seeing as consumers actually want to share their thoughts about certain products and services. By asking them questions, you are getting insights you never would have thought possible.

From a design standpoint, this means that your web pages will be a series of animated flashcards. They are not going to be standard web pages. This means that the “cards” will demand more interaction as the web users will need to “turn the pages” to see what’s next in the questionnaire.

Where should the web designer put the questionnaire? It should be front and center of the website. It should be part of the main design elements because if you put it on top or the bottom of the page, it is less likely that your customers will want to interact with it. When was the last time someone answered a survey form you posted on the sidebars of the web page?

People don’t usually bother reading the header and the footer. If they do, they will likely ignore the survey because these usually look like ads than a call-to-action. If you want to push people to interact with your website, using questionnaires is a great way to do that.

These interactive flashcards and animation will make web visitors feel that they are a part of the process of coming up with better products, services, and marketing campaigns. They will feel that for your brand, their opinion matters. That’s an experience that no other website can easily replicate. This Orlando web design will continue this 2021 and might be more common than you think.