We have seen the internet grow unbelievably in the past decade. That means a lot of changes in the custom web design trends, too. Are you familiar with live chat boxes? These are boxes that appear at the bottom of your screen to ask you about anything that either a customer representative or a bot can help you with. Have you ever tried using one of those, inquiring there instead of browsing through a site’s many web pages just to find a piece of single information?

Isn’t it a great idea to have a virtual salesperson that you can talk to when you need to inquire, comment, or suggest? Live chats are easily installed. Aside from the fact that you can man it yourself, answering inquiries from your visitors, you can access it via your smartphone or your tablet. There is no special device needed to incorporate this functionality on your website. All you need is a good programmer that will program a live chat box on your website and you’re good to go.

Customer satisfaction and experience

Studies have shown that customers are more satisfied when there is someone on the site—whether a real person or a bot—who can attend to their needs. They have a better experience visiting and browsing through a website’s custom web design when they know they can talk to a company representative anytime and have answers in as easy as 1, 2, 3. When it comes to appealing to your customers, you need to first let them have a good experience with your website. Yes, that starts with your website.

Do you know that a large number of your consumers will visit your website first before your actual brick-and-mortar store? They will get a feel of your business first through your Instagram and Facebook profiles before they actually drive down to your store and check you out for real.

Part of the experience of every potential customer that visits your website is asking questions. What are these products for? Where are they made? Can I get a discount? How much is the shipping fee? While customers can fill up an inquiry form, send it out, and wait for the response from you, there’s something about receiving the information right away that might convince these people purchasing your items is going to be good for them.

That’s essentially what you are trying to achieve by programming a live chat functionality on your website and custom web design. You want your customers to be able to reach out to you and you want to engage with them and influence their purchase decision.