The extensive use of Lakeland SEO on the internet has led to duplicated material and the over-usage of keywords. This weakens the keywords and phrases, especially when used in a singular website or worse, a single blog post. Search engines like Google penalize websites that overuse keywords in their content. They are flagged down for having irrelevant content and not focusing on bringing the right information to its audience.

But there’s a way around (and through this): you can use keyword stemming or branching, wherein related keywords and phrases are used throughout the content in different styles and layers. Imagine talking to someone and telling her about a thing you saw in the mall. You wouldn’t use the same word to describe a particular thing, right? You’ll be using variations of the same words and phrases. You will use synonyms. That’s how stemming works in keywords. The main keyword is the stem and the variations are the branches.

The result should be a compelling, relevant, and keyword-rich content that’s going to look very good to search engines.

Relevance Is Everything

Most 500-word articles need a 2.5% keyword density for Google to index them. As a result, writers would try to include around 15 long-tailed keywords in a single 500-word article. The article feels and looks spammy and keyword-stuffed. Most of the relevance is lost to give way to the repeated placement of the keywords.

But using variations of the main keyword (like internet marketers, marketing, marketers, digital marketing, and marketing on the internet for the main keyword internet marketing) in your Lakeland SEO hits all of Google’s sweet spots. Search engines love articles that are use keywords smartly without sounding and looking unnatural.

Unique Topic Ideas

Keyword stemming for your Lakeland SEO also has another benefit: it helps you find more ideas for the same topic. Because you branched out and thought about the different variations of the same keyword, you will encounter new phrases that will trigger fresh ideas about a topic you’ve been working on repeatedly.

Because you have a constant need to update your blog site, this is a welcome process; one that would actually allow you to come up with brilliant ideas about your topic. It also makes you a better writer as most content writers who had to write about the same topic over and over again eventually loses interest. Finding underused keywords and discovering fresh topic ideas gives writers a breathing room of some sorts.