We’ve seen various Lakeland web design trends come and go. 2010 saw the advent of textured designs made popular by Apple, as well as big, attention grabbing headers. 2014 was the age of the minimalistic design, pushed to the extreme by a flat color palette and design. Today, we see the re-emergence of the gradient design in the world of web design. Gradients are defined as the gradual transition from one color to another.
While this particular design has been making a massive splash in web design , it is not a new trend. Gradients were used as early as 2007, when it was a part of the trend of web design back then. However, over the course of the next few years, it was pushed to the side by minimalistic design and flat colors.
The great thing about gradients is that it adds an interesting depth of color to your web design without having to do too much extra work. It creates new color schemes you’ve never even thought of. It is naturally eye catching, which is another reason why it has become so popular recently. If you’ve made the decision to go minimalistic on your design, gradients help add visual interest if you feel like your design doesn’t have much going for it. Using gradients is also an excellent way of using your brand’s colors in a unique way.
Another thing that makes gradients stand out from other web design trends is the lack of restrictions when using this particular design. It doesn’t matter to the design if you put in multiple colors, or if you start the gradient from the top, the bottom, the left, or the right. Gradients can be used in almost every element found in your web design. From your site background, to your typography and overlays, gradients can be applied to make these elements more interesting.
However, when using gradients, like any visual design, it is very important to keep this in mind: don’t overdo it. It can be easy to go overboard when using gradients because of how easy it is, but this should be avoided. When choosing the colors for your gradient, avoid conflicting colors. There are a number of tools available online to help you find which colors best work together for your gradient.
Interestingly enough, nature can be used as a source of inspiration for your color gradient choices. Observe the transition from the darker center of a flower to the lighter hued, delicate edges, or the vivid oranges and reds of a sunset contrasting with the tinge of the onset of the evening sky. These are just a couple of examples of gradients found in nature that can help you find the right gradient color scheme for your Lakeland web design.