In 2021, the physical will blend with the digital. The digital space is no longer confined to the internet or the physical space needs to spill over to the digital world. It’s going to be a more interesting world that we’re now living in; when digital and physical spaces seem to be one and the same. While for most of the last decade, web designers used templates and generic Orlando web design for websites, this year will be different. For one, web designers are going to use digital interpretations of physical products in the design and layout of websites.

Products are now inspiring the digital space. Customization and personalization are still inevitable, but designers are taking these to the next level by using the actual products as inspiration for their designs. The digital and creative interpretations of physical media will dominate marketing strategies and web design for years to come.

Websites are becoming a big part of everyday life. With this comes the reality that websites and real-life will soon blend. Soon, there will be almost no limitations when marketing products and services in real and digital life.

Examples of Digital Interpretations

If you are selling nail polish or wall paint, designers can “spill” or “smear” the colors across the web pages. It will look like the nail polish or the wall paint has toppled over and the colors spilled on the pages. This will make the design more integrated into the everyday lives of the audience.

Another example of the digital interpretation of physical products is by designing the layout of the web page according to the products or items being sold. For example, if the business sells mobile phone covers, the layout of the page can follow the shape of an iPhone or Samsung phone. The layout of the images can have rounded corners resembling a mobile phone. This will make the page feel more organic since there is a synergy between the Orlando web design and the physical products.

If your business has not integrated these digital interpretations into your web design, you’re about to find out in a hard way how detrimental that is to your operations. The window of time for upgrading your website is here. You cannot be complacent when it comes to making sure your website follows traditions and trends in digital marketing because as much as the quality of your products is important, so does your business’ ability to grow with your customers.