Colors are some of the most diverse tools anywhere, not just in web design. These are used in a variety of industries, from marketing, all the way to psychology. Because of their versatile nature and the impact that they can have on people, there have been plenty of studies done to observe how colors can influence how people perceive things.
In web design, the importance of colors is more prevalent than ever. Using colors, web designers are capable of giving different impressions to the users. Whether your website is professional, casual, or fun, these can all be conveyed with color. If you’re interested in learning about how colors are extensively used in web design, read on.
The fascinating thing about using colors to convey tone is that different shades can be used to convey different tones. With blue, a lighter shade can be used to convey friendliness and openness. This is particularly evident in social media sites, as these invite users to be more open. Darker shades however, convey tones of reliability and stability and are favored by professional company websites.
Green is a color that is typically associated with nature themes, which is why it is commonly used on environmentally themed sites. However, darker shades are also used by companies to convery growth, stability, and financial development.
Black is a difficult color to work with, if you’re not sure what you’re doing. If it isn’t paired with a neutralizing color to offset it, it can come off as too dark. When used well however, it can convey a tone of class and sophistication, and is often used for sites that market high-end products.
While is often used as a background in minimalist websites and can be utilized to draw the eye to more important parts of the website.
Red is a vibrant color, and the most eye-catching one, so it is naturally used to convey a sense of urgency and warning. It can also be used to convey a sense of power and importance. You should minimize the usage of red if you’re trying to convey a calmer website tone.
Yellow is another vibrant color, but it does not convey the same sense of urgency as red does. It conveys cheeriness and optimism. Bright yellow is the most energetic shade, while a slightly darker yellow gives off a tone of warmth, and the darkest shade of yellow gives off a tone of intellect and loyalty. It is commonly used in food-related web design because of its association with food.