Anybody with a Tampa web design will always want to have a design that catches the eye and is unforgettable. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to design decisions that are not entirely for the best for your website. However, for some of these decisions, as daring as they are, if done properly, they will go a long way and pay off for you.

One such controversial design choice is the use of white as the background for your site’s design. The reason why this is risky is that you are forgoing other colors for your background and are instead choosing to highlight the colors and font of the content. When done right, it can look great for your Tampa web design, but if done poorly, this can make any problems with your site’s design stand out. Learn the best way to use this here.

Why use white?

You may be wondering why white is even a color choice in web design. After, isn’t the point of good website design to make use of various color palettes to highlight your branding. However, as mentioned before, when done properly, white backgrounds can really do a lot for the benefit of your site.

It can do a great job of making your content and design stand out, which really catches the eye and draws you in. Not only that, but because of how basic it is as a color, it makes for a faster website load speed, leading to more responsive website design.

Learn to use contrast with it

The key to making sure that you make the most of a white background is by learning how to use contrasting colors with it. For example, you’re not going to want to use plain yellow on a white background, as the result will be too glaring to make anything out properly.

If you need to use lighter colors on a white background, you should outline it with a dark color to make sure that it does stand out. Using dark colors to contrast the white background is what you need to make sure that the design that you’re decided on for your website has a chance of being noticed on a white background.

Keep things simple

It can be easy to overdo it with your color palette on your Tampa web design, so it’s important that you keep in mind to keep things simple for the sake of your website’s design, especially with a white background. Learn about the colors that you plan on using for your site’s design and figure out how to maximize it with a white background.