If you want to stand out in this dog-eat-dog-world of businesses, you have to make sure that your Lakeland web design is unique and interesting and would not turn customers away. You are well aware that there is competition out there, which means someone is always out to get your target audience or your clientele. There’s a treasure trove of analytics data we can use to improve a website and develop a more user-friendly interface for our customers. We call it Google Analytics and practically all site developers use it to measure the success of a website. But before diving deeper into the world of development and analytics, let’s take a look at the metrics used that reveal a website’s design flaw.

Bounce rate

This is the metric used to determine the proportion of visitors that did not interact with the web page after they opened it. This could mean that the visitor closed the website as soon as it opens, clicked on an outbound link, or just stopped navigating at all. What the analytics will show you is that the visitors allowed the session timer to expire, rendering your Lakeland web design completely “useless” to them. When your website has a high bounce rate, it’s time to take actions and catch the culprit.

Exit page

The rate of exit page will show the number and percentage of visitors who exited after reaching a particular page. It may be an affiliate’s site (and would not have an effect on your site) or it might be something in a web page of yours that push them to navigate away from your website. When you see this happen, it means you have to investigate further and find out the issues they are having. Maybe the page is crashing every time they open it?

Conversion rate

The conversion rate will measure the website’s success. This is an indicator of the proportion of visitors who fulfilled the website’s goals—make them purchase something and earn a profit. So even if you think your website needs an overhaul, the truth is, if your conversion rate is good, you may want to move the “renovation” of the website to another time. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right?


These indicators will tell you how much the visitors interacted with your website. These would include the duration of time they spent on the website, the files they downloaded, the purchases they made, the forms they filled out, and the videos they watched. High engagement means the visitors are attracted by the website and are willing to stay in it.