Every day, about 3.5 billion searches are being done on Google. That puts the company in a position of power. It holds in its hands the power to make your Orlando web design relevant or irrelevant. Which side of the coin do you choose? This power has pushed the search engine giant to be uncompromising in its mission to deliver quality sources of information to its users. Websites that do not comply with these requirements stand to lose and get penalized.

What does it mean to get penalized by Google? Since the 2000s, Google has been refining the quality of its search results. For the company, it means changing the algorithm every so often. Sometimes, the algorithm changes every hour of the day. Sometimes, it’s more frequent than that. Over time, what it realized is that it needs to eliminate websites with poor content and design and elevate the good stuff on search engine results. That’s when they introduced penalties.

In 2010, through the Penguin update, Google wiped out almost one website for every 10 search results. Some sites it wiped out entirely. Others were pushed off the map. This made web designers and developers figure out a way to fine-tune their methods.

Signs That Your Site Is Being Penalized by Google

• Your website isn’t ranking for the keyword anymore. Forget about the other keywords. Your site should at least rank on that one specific keyword that you’re using in all of your content. If that’s not happening anymore, then it means Google is penalizing your website.
• Your page-one position has slipped back to page two or three. Why is that? You’re not doing anything. Or at least, you don’t think you’ve done anything to warrant your page’s decline to the annals of search engine results.
• The entire website was removed from Google’s cached search engine results. Suddenly, you cannot find your web page anymore. There’s no trace of it anywhere on Google’s search results.
• Your one single listing on the search results is for a web page and not your homepage. Google isn’t ranking your homepage anymore. It sees it as a low-quality page for their users to visit.

If you see one or more of these signs, this means your Orlando web design needs a revamp. Whether it’s the content, the images, the meta tags, or the speed of the site, you have to revamp your whole plan. You need to focus on how to get your site on Google’s first-page search results, as well as remove the penalties.