There is a very common misconception that a Lakeland web design is as simple as slapping a bunch of visual elements together to create a website that looks good. Keep in mind that the key to a successful website design is learning how to blend the different elements together to create a good website design.

After all, the final product of your website design is more impactful compared to the individual elements that you use for each page. One of the most important features that you need to be incorporating for a successful Lakeland web design is visual hierarchy. To help you with this, here is what you need to know about this and how to implement this into your website.

What is visual hierarchy?

You may be wondering what visual hierarchy is. Simply put, this refers to the arrangement of visual elements on a website according to their importance to the website. When done right, this will help draw users’ eyes to the most important parts of the website, which can help streamline the website browsing experience for users. This is something that is especially important for eCommerce websites, as this can help online shoppers go through the shopping and checkout process more efficiently, which can help improve online sales.

Use size to establish visual hierarchy

One of the easiest ways to establish a visual hierarchy in your website is through the use of size. The most important elements in a website design are usually the largest compared to its surrounding elements. This is a very simple way to draw the users’ eyes to a certain element first when they visit a page for the first time. However, keep in mind that for this to work, you should not overwhelm the design with large elements as this can cause the page to become cluttered. As a result, you may end up with a website that looks outdated, which can hurt your brand.


The use of color can help establish a visual hierarchy in your website design. Using bolder colors in certain elements can naturally draw users’ eyes to these elements first, establishing their importance within the site design. You can use color psychology to establish the tone in your website design and can also help with your site’s branding.

Use your website’s layout

Website layouts can help with the visual hierarchy of your Lakeland web design by grouping certain elements together in order of importance. Not only will this help with visual hierarchy, but this can also help establish a cleaner website design and an improved user experience.