Lakeland web designWhen we’re talking about Lakeland web design, it can be a little tedious because there are loads of keywords and key phrases to remember and understand. How important is bounce rate? What is a landing page? What does a fixed design mean?There are simply so many jargons in web designing that it will take a true professional to really understand what each and every term means. When you are not in the habit of learning these technicalities, it might be a bit bothersome for you to negotiate with a web designer for the layout you want for your site.

However, there are vital terms you need to know if you want to have a successful Lakeland web design, and these are:

Fixed design

A fixed design website has a width that doesn’t later even if you resize the browser or if you view them on a different device. Most fixed design site is fitted for the screen of a laptop or desktop computer, so viewing it on your iPad or smartphone will be a tad bit harder.

Since this has a fixed size, it won’t budge even if viewed on a smaller screen like that of an iPhone’s. That means you will have to scroll down, up, left and right if you want to see the rest of the text or images.

When the browser on the screen is enlarged, this will surely alter the visuals of the website.

Liquid or fluid design

When you resize the browser on a liquid design website, the content will spread out to fill the width allowance. It may also shrunk if you pinch your screen.

The columns in the website are designed using percentages rather than fixed columns, and that’s why it can increase or decrease relative to each other.

Responsive design

This approach is perfect for whatever devices you want to view the website on. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet, a website with a responsive design will be easy to navigate. It’s also easier for web designers to build a responsive design website because there’s no need for them to develop multiple formats for a range of devices.

Websites like these are designed to show content when the browser is expanded or reduced to predetermined sizes. For example, if you resize the browser to 70 percent of its maximum width, then it may have been set to display only two columns. When that browser is expanded past 70 percent of the screen, then you can probably see three columns.

Even video playback is different on a responsive design website. If you have a slow internet connection, the videos will play in a low resolution. When you have a high internet speed, then it’ll play on high definition.