We’ve heard so much about referral traffic but what does it really mean? Referral traffic is when people come to your website from other sites than Google. They don’t land on your web page because they searched for you organically on Google. Instead, they clicked on a link (probably, a backlink) on another website and was directed to your website. Tracking systems recognize this as a referral, and Lakeland SEO absolutely loves this kind of web traffic. It’s one of the best kinds of traffics.

Referral traffic sends important visitors to your website from authorized sites. These are web visitors who will most likely buy from your company. They clicked on a link that leads to your company because the link interests them enough. They can also deliver consistent traffic from other sources as this information is passed from one social group to another.

Benefits of Referral Traffic

Getting traffic from another site helps improve your brand exposure and recognition. The more people click on that link, the more people will get a chance to know your brand. That increases the possibility of these same people encountering your brand from other marketing materials and ads and actually recognizing what it does.

It also creates better SEO through consistent backlinks. Search engine optimization loves backlinks. For Lakeland SEO, it signals that other legitimate websites recognize your site’s authority and legitimacy, too. It is then the perfect ground for networking opportunities and future leads. More leads mean more opportunities to drive your message.

Finally, referral traffic allows you to tap into a new and diverse audience. These are visitors that you might have missed if your sole focus is to rank through organic search results. These visitors come from other websites. Meaning, they aren’t necessarily focused on finding the kind of keywords that you are ranking for. But the material on a particular website interests them, and that encourages them to click on it and visit your web page, too.

Social Media’s Role in Referral Traffic

Social media may be the most powerful and valuable source of referral traffic. Up to 89% of marketers say that social media such as Facebook and Instagram generate more exposure for their companies than any other type of traffic.

But to harness the power of social media in the context of Lakeland SEO, you have to engage with your customers. This will make them want to share that experience with their network. It will expand your reach and create more avenues to generate web traffic.