It doesn’t need to be said that for a web page to get a higher Lakeland SEO, it must have quality content that web visitors will find informational and relevant. Content is still king in search engine optimization even though there are other easier strategies to get a good ranking on search engines such as Google. The problem, however, with other websites is that they are too focused on their competitors that they forget about being authentic and original. This is all web users want from a website. They want authenticity and originality.

Do you know that 57% of consumers believe that less than half of brands create authentic content for their blog sites? What is original, authentic, and quality content, anyway? If you look at the charts, you’ll notice that thoroughly researched and in-depth content ranks higher on search engines. The average content length of the number one web pages on Google is around 2,500 words. If your posts have less than 2,000 words, chances are you rank barely inside the top 10 links. Blogs with 300 words less are considered thin content. Google never really likes thin content. It thinks these kinds of content are “fooling” the algorithm.

Be Original

While it is also advisable to look at your competitors’ work, this shouldn’t be your blog’s number one rule when looking for a topic to write about. Don’t write about the same topics that your competitors have already discussed on their blogs. Think of what your audience wants to hear from you. Create content that really matters. You want your audience to learn something new from your post.

If they are going to read about the same thing that they’ve seen on other blog posts, then what will make you stand out? It is easier to separate yourself from the other blogs if your content is authentic. Think outside the box. What hasn’t yet been discussed about your niche?

Appeal to Emotions

Appealing to emotions make content twice as much as effective than posts that don’t. Whether your post is humorous or authoritative or controversial, it should stir the right emotions in your readers. But how will you know how your readers will react? That’s through engagement. By continuously engaging your audience, you will get a sense of how they are going to react to your posts. Use this intuitiveness and knowledge to create content that will boost your site’s Lakeland SEO.