Planning out an entire Lakeland website design means putting together every aspect of your web design to be as appealing and effective as possible. Every element, page, and word of content is created with the intent to drive the purpose of the website, which is to convert. Whether you’re selling something via eCommerce or trying to get more sales online, the entire goal of your website is to achieve more conversions.

However, the larger your website gets, the more likely it is for users to encounter dead links or blank pages. When that happens, you need to design an effective error page to display in lieu of these dead links. Error pages may not seem like much to you, but it can mean the difference between helping your users continue their navigation through your website, or losing them forever. Here are some great tips to help you design an effective error page for your Lakeland website design.

Suggest some alternatives

When a user is trying to access a page and encounters a broken link, there is a high percentage of you losing that user because they were unable to access the information that they’re looking for. Whenever you set up error pages, make sure that you include a feature that also displays related or similar content to the content that they were originally looking for. This way, when they encounter an error page, instead of being disappointed by the fact that they couldn’t find the content they were originally looking for, they can have the chance to find even more content than they expected.

Provide an explanation

If you have dead links on your site, always provide a short explanation on why these links or pages can’t be accessed by users. It can be anything from a mistyped address to a link that no longer exists. Providing users with a proper explanation instead of just showing them a basic error message lets them know what went wrong, instead of just leaving them in the dark.

Use human-friendly copy

It’s important that you use human-friendly copy when creating the error page for your Lakeland website design. Maintaining a more natural, even humorous tone when addressing your users through your error page makes it easy for users to find humor in the situation, instead of being disappointed in encountering a dead link.

Keep it light

In line with maintaining a more human-friendly tone, you can accompany the error message with a fun animation or cartoon to complete the error page. It’s always important to maintain consistency with your Lakeland website design.