Even the best writers suffer from accidental plagiarism. Sometimes, common phrases and words tend to get a hit on a plagiarism checker program so those works are deemed duplicated. Of course, that is not always intentional though if you are serious about your work as a content creator and you want to protect your Lakeland SEO ranking, you would do your best to make sure that the content you publish is unique and original.

Use multiple sources

The main problem with accidental plagiarism is that it’s true, but completely avoidable, too. If a writer is serious about wanting to do justice to a content he is creating, he will use multiple sources to make sure that his thoughts and ideas are influenced by different materials.

When you only depend on one material for your ideas, you tend to duplicate how the words are arranged to explain a concept or the subject matter.

Write in your own voice

Each writer has a unique voice. It so happens that some writers do work for multiple websites and then unintentionally, they plagiarize their own work. However, Google doesn’t care if you’re the author of both works and you want to use the same sentence structure.

It will tag the second article as a duplicate of the first one. Even when you’re working on the same material, be conscious enough to use a different tone when you know for a fact you’re writing about a similar topic.

Relate to personal and familiar experiences

You will find it easier to write about a topic for your Lakeland SEO when you can relate it to your personal experiences or at least, something that is familiar to you. Though you don’t have to mention an actual situation, doing the connections in your mind will allow you to better compose the content.

Avoid looking at a cheat sheet

Once you’re done doing your research, only open the journal, newspaper, blog, or article when you need to confirm a fact or you need to cite sources. If you are going to look at the resource material every time you write a sentence or a paragraph, you’ll end up copying the words and sentence structure. Even if it is unintentional, this could cause Google to see your work as a duplicate of your resource material.

The point of accidental plagiarism is that it’s going to hurt your chances of ever ranking high on Google’s search index. You’ll put your website and your business in jeopardy and you might lose the trust and confidence of your customers.