Your Lakeland SEO contract doesn’t always have to be about the legalities of the work that will be done between a web designer or a content writer and a client. It can be an agreement that clearly defines the work, roles, and expectations of both parties. The goal of having a business contract is to make the parties involved comfortable and protected. A successful relationship is more likely to be birthed from this kind of contract.

Information about the client and the company

Make sure that the contact information of both the company and the client are in the contract. In event of any legal actions in the future, the contact information contained in the contract will be the basis of a lawyer or legal firm. Both parties should also provide a photocopy of a valid ID. This is an opportune time to also reiterate who you are as a company and why you are offering the best deals and option.

Clearly-outlined deliverables

This part is the meat of the Lakeland SEO contract. It will define the relationship between the client and the service provider. But in the interest of making sure you won’t be persona non grata in this industry, you need to keep this part of the contract as client-friendly as possible. Do not confuse your client with legal terms and technical jargons. Simply put into detail what the client can expect from you, what the process is going to be, and when you can deliver the output. Some clients want a clear answer of the increase in traffic and rankings but these are untouched territories and although you, as the SEO writer, will try your best, there is no guarantee that your formula for other companies will work on them, too.

The timing of the delivery

State when you are starting the work, how long the process will take, when certain things of the project will be delivered, and when specific phases will be completed. If you are vague about the timeline and the deadlines, you risk making your clients think that certain aspects of the projects will be delivered when you are still not ready with them. This creates confusion and misunderstanding in the future. It is best to be clear when they should expect the phases of the project to be completed.

Pricing structure

There are many different kinds of pricing structure—flat rate, blended rate, revenue share, commission structure, and a flat management fee. No matter what structure of pricing you are following, make sure this is clear to both parties and that you answer any potential questions the client may have in the future.

Cancellation policy

What happens when you or the client pulls out of the Lakeland SEO contract? Will there be legalities involved? Will there be a penalty fee? It is best to define what happens under this situation so both of you will be ready for any eventualities.