Lakeland web designPeople have varying opinions about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Lakeland web design. Some people believe that your website has to be ultra-modern to be successful in promoting your brand while others want to stick with the principles of web designing–clean, sleek and easy to navigate.But wherever school of thought you’re coming from, we can agree that there are common mistakes that should not be done with a web design. Here are those:

Small fonts

The no-no of web designing is using fonts that are too small. Remember that most people browse the internet on their smartphones. And while smartphones tend to be as big as tablets these days, viewing a site with small fonts can still sore your eyes.

Back in the day, the standard font size was 12 px. But over time, we have come to realize this is simply impossible to read, especially if the website visitor is standing away from the screen. A headline should be about 35 px while the body should be 19 px.

Moving sliders

Up to this day, so many companies are using moving sliders to advertise their products or services. We don’t get this fad. Moving sliders are not effective at all. It has no good conversion rate, and most people miss the important announcement of your website because they cannot keep track of the moving slider.

One reason why this has become such a popular web design trick is because it looks high-tech and cool, but the information get lost when put in moving sliders or banners.

Low contrast fonts

This means using lighter font on a light background or dark fonts on a darker background. What is up with that? It makes it harder for the readers to understand what your website is trying to say. Your site strains their eyes, which means they might not come back at all.

The information is lost because they are so focused on trying to read through the low-contrasting font color and background.

Poor line height

So, you might have chosen a good font size and style for your text. Yet, somehow, your website still looks crowded. Why is that? Maybe you’ve chosen a random line height for your text, and everything looks like they are on top of each other.

To have an aesthetically pleasing website, you may want to use the Golden Ratio, a concept introduced by Chris Pearson of DIYThemes. It’s a calculation of how much line height your text needs based on the font size and the content width.