Lakeland web designWhether you want to learn this yourself or you are looking for a Lakeland web design to hire, it is important that you understand the language and jargons that go on with the transaction. There are certain specialized skills that you need to master before meeting success in this profession.This following list of skills, most of which are technical, represent the key areas that you should look for in a web designer.


Knowledge of HTML is a must for any web designer. The hypertext markup language is the very foundation of how websites are being made. So, if you don’t know how to use HTML, you might as well resign from your job in the Lakeland web design company. This is the basic computer language that all web designers know. Even if they will design the website using WYSIWYG editors or a CMS, knowing HTML will make you understand how website works. Under this language, you also have more power over your work or design.


If you are more concerned about what your business will look like from the outside, then you have to find someone who knows how to use CSS. This language handles the visual appearance of the website. Web developers also use CSS, although it is an imperative skill for web designers and front-end developers.

Design sense

A web designer has to have a lot of artistic bones in his body. There is more to designing websites than choosing the colors for your brand. The designer has to think about the proper layout and other elements of design such as the best fonts to use and the images to include.

Responsive websites

Old-school web designers may frown upon creating sites with mobile support. However, the staggering number of mobile devices, all with different sizes, forced this skill to be an important one. A web designer must know how to design a responsive website, so that mobile users won’t have to suffer browsing through your site. It is crucial for web designers to be able to design a website that looks great on all devices.


Although not required, it would really be a benefit if your web designer knows how to use SEO. This is the main method of attracting customers to your business. Using the right keywords will certainly increase your page views. If you are looking for a reputable Lakeland web design, you should always pay attention to whether or not the designer understands the importance and the use of SEOs.