Lakeland web designWhile ever web designer differs on what they think a Lakeland web design must have, they are in agreement with a few top things. These are the elements that they cannot deny are vital to make a website succeed in its goals—to attract more clients and retain old visitors.Check every successful website, and you’ll probably see the same elements present there. Here are the top five elements your website must have if you want it to be effective:

Visual design

When we talk about good visual design, it encompasses a lot of things—logo, white space, theme, layout, and colors. Spacing is particularly important because it dictates the flow and the readability of your website. Today, we are seeing white space being used in ways that were never thought of before. More and more sites are including spaces in between the fonts, the text lines, the photos, etc.

On the other hand, a theme is also a very important element to keep your website on track. It brings together all the content and the related content of a website.


Your website should have the following: about us, contact information page, products/services page, blog page, etc. Although not technically a part of the web design process, the content is important to keep visitors coming. Your readers should be able to get answers to their questions: What is this company selling? Do I need it? What’s in it for me?

You should be able to regularly update the content of your website, so that visitors would know that it’s current and up-to-date.


Some websites make their navigation complicated, which we will never understand. Your navigation needs to be the simplest element on your website. Visitors should know what to click on when they want to go to another page or simply know more about the company. Do not overwhelm the visitors with difficult navigation menus. Keep them as simple as possible, and group related topics under one category.


Most websites lack a search button, which makes it harder for visitors to find what they are looking for. People may want to find old information they cannot see on the current layout anymore. Allow them to look for it in an easy manner by putting an unobtrusive search bar somewhere on your main page. The top right corner of your page is usually the most popular location for that magnifying glass icon.


You don’t have to clutter your website with images, but you still need to use them smartly. People love seeing images, things in action. Even with a limited number of images, illustrations, and graphs, you can entice people to check out your Lakeland web design and make a purchase.