Lakeland web designHalloween is here and with it comes the proverbial question: Should I change my Lakeland web design into a Halloween-themed one? There are pros and cons to this, though most are beneficial to your business or what you are trying to sell or disseminate through your website. If you are a product- and service-based website, then people might be checking out your site to know what’s the latest promo for the season.


When they see that your site changed into a Halloween-themed one, they will surely be impressed with the effort you put into changing it for the occasion. The same goes when you use holiday themes once the Thanksgiving season is here.


Here are the top benefits of using Halloween-themed templates for your Lakeland web design:


It shows your commitment


The number one commitment of every business is to answer the needs and wants of its clientele. Without such priority, a business is bound to fail. When you change your web design according to the occasion—for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.—you are giving a good impression to your clients. Having an updated website means they can trust what the site is telling them in terms of the availability of products and services, as well as the prices listed there.


It shows your fun side


How could you attract more clients to your business? By showing that you are fun and exciting. Instead of being the usual boring company or business, you need to show your clients that you can be fun, too, and that you can employ exciting activities to promote your products or your services. This is especially important if your business pertains to “formal” services or products. A hardware store, for one, is usually very stiff.


It shows your celebratory mood


When there’s a reason to celebrate, there’s a reason to go on sale. Your business can offer promos and discounts during the holiday season. If it’s Halloween, costumes are the way to go. During Thanksgiving, food is the focus of most people. Christmas season would usually entail “gift-giving,” meaning people are on the lookout for interesting items they can give to their loved ones. Your business isn’t the only one that should answer the needs of your customers. Your website should also follow suit, so that both the physical store and the online presence will target the same goal—to build the business’ presence.