Over the past decade, we’ve seen Tampa web design trends change and grow faster than human talent can keep up with it. From those glittery fonts of the 1990s we’ve managed to outgrow, we have now evolved into using basic typography such as serif fonts. From the heavy flash videos, we now use embedded YouTube videos not only because it is easier, but also because it’s better for search engine optimization and bandwidth allocation.

We’ve come a long way in terms of web design and technology but if 2019 is any indication, the next decade will bring forth more daring changes. Here’s what we love so far about the trends this year:


Minimalism is big this past couple of years, but it has never been in the truly massive scale that it is now. It is a go-to choice for most web designers because minimalism allows the web users to focus more on the message of the brand than on the aesthetics. If designed the right way, a minimalist design will show the user exactly what he is looking for when he lands on your homepage.


We’ve seen the rise of chatbots in the past, but developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are cranked up pretty high right now, so we should expect more of these bots in the future. Today, we love how they are integrated on service-oriented websites to provide better customer service to web users.

Video Content

We all know that video content is the primary mover of website ranking on search engines. But Google changed the game when it started prioritizing websites with video content over traditional web pages. This means that when a web user searched for a particular keyword on Google, the first results would be video content than standard websites. Web designers are now focused on creating video content for websites because of this.

Thumb-friendly Navigation

Josh Clark was revolutionary in his book “Designing for Touch,” wherein he investigated how people hold their smartphones. He also studied the movement of their fingers, particularly their thumbs. As a result, mobile websites are now designed to have the hamburger menu on the bottom of the page to make it more accessible for users.


Noticed how Apple decided to include different (non-white) skin tones in their emojis? Tampa web design professionals in 2019 are more conscious than ever about inclusivity. They are designing sites that will embrace the multi-diversity of our cultures, which, in turn, is bringing more customers into their fold.