If we can pinpoint one industry that benefited from innovation and technology more than anything else, it is Orlando web design. The impact of the technological revolution on the web design industry is astounding. While each industry is linked to a specific trend, nothing has been as dominating as the changing trends of web design.

Adaptive Design

Websites are designed according to the devices where the web users are viewing them from. But in 2020, web users are going to be less forgiving to websites that do not have a responsive design. More than 80% of web users are expected to leave your website when it is not adaptive to their screen sizes. The problem with most web designs is that they lose certain elements when they get compressed for the size of a mobile phone’s screen.

Designers should make sure no elements are going to be lost. Some of the most important elements of a website design for users are the quick access links to their profiles or accounts, shopping carts, pricing information, site settings, help, and main sections of the site.

Push Notifications

Web users will become more welcoming to push notifications, especially because apps are now asking permission from the web users to send them messages and notifications. On laptops and computers, notifications are annoying because they look like ads that pop on the bottom of the screen. But on mobile phones, they are more bearable. And often, they help web users find great deals online.

Just be careful designing and scheduling your push notifications. Make sure not to send notifications every hour or so. Try to limit the number of notifications you’ll send to the web users, so they’ll be less annoyed.

Motion Design

Instead of a video, you can utilize GIF animations to showcase the features of the products that you’re selling. But remember that if the animation will last for more than five seconds, you should seriously consider producing a video. Users hate being hoodwinked into thinking that animation or a video will only last for a few seconds. They need information in a fast and easy manner. If you can’t deliver that, the least you can do is not to make them think they’re staying on the page for only a few seconds.


Although not a new trend, nothing can replace videos on Orlando web design. It remains to be one of the easily recognizable web design elements. It attracts the audience. If it’s compelling enough, videos are promotional materials that will attract customers. More than 94% of marketers and PR managers believe that the target market better understands concepts and promotions through a video.