You must keep in mind that the purpose of your Orlando web design is more than just generating web traffic. These web visitors need to convert, too. These visits should turn into orders. And these orders should be multiplied and replicated in the future. That’s the only way your online store can compete with the very best in the industry, stay afloat during hard economic times, and eventually succeed.

Visible Phone Number

The website should show a visible phone number that your customers can call when they want to buy products from your business. The number should be posted on the homepage. This way, the customers can see the number clearly and they will have the option to call your business immediately. Businesses like hotels, restaurants, delivery shops, coaching products, and retail shops use this strategy.

Advanced Search Feature

Your website should also have a search box because people like looking for products that match their wants and needs. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for by including an auto-complete function for the search box. This feature will make your customers happy because they like finding information in the easiest way possible.

Related Products

Amazon did well in this. Every time a customer opens a product page, there are suggested related products at the bottom of the page. The company even shows what other products were brought together with the product the visitor is viewing. This is an effective strategy because web visitors will click on one of those links and realize they also need the related product.

The page should also show testimonials and ratings from other customers. These customer testimonials will raise the level of trust that customers have on your business and its products/services.

Payment Options

Make sure there are a couple of payment options available for your customers. PayPal and credit cards are the most common eCommerce payment methods. Many businessmen think that if they offer more payment options, customers will automatically want to transact with them. The truth is that these eCommerce sites see fewer orders. What you should do is offer the most basic of payment options, which are PayPal and credit cards. Just these two options will get your sales to spike up.

Social Share Buttons

Never forget the importance and power of social share buttons. Your post needs to be shareable. When web visitors want to share with their friends about a product they found, they should be able to do so easily. Social share buttons on Orlando web design include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.