Some businesses choose to generate their logo design via an app or software because this is cheaper and easier to do. However, there are many benefits of a customized design that must be harnessed by a business like yours. A small investment in a customized logo design will go a long way in boosting your company’s brand and presence in the industry.

Here are the five benefits of a custom logo design:

It will separate you from the competition

Imagine opening a Google search result and finding all of the same services with similar logos. How will your market know which is the better between two companies, for example? How will they know that yours is professional and that you take pride in the branding of your business? The company that looks like the most reliable will often be the one chosen by the potential customer. A well-designed logo will give you an advantage over your competition.

It illustrates your brand values

Your logo should represent what your company values. Think of two to three words that best describe your company such as innovative, creative, luxury, established, etc. You get the point. These words should be included in your logo as they form part of who you are as a business.

It will give you access to all design files

Your logo design is the first step toward establishing your brand. Eventually, you will use your logo for your business cards, your notepads, your company stationery, the side of the pen, on billboards and other print materials, on digital ads, etc. Custom design means you will have access to the design files so you can use them later on for what you need—print the logo big or small and in full color or in black and white.

It will represent your business for 5+ years

A logo that follows the current trend implies that your company will only be here for the duration of that trend. A customized design will make sure that your branding will last for five and more years. Think of Coca-Cola’s logo. That has been present since it began and changed a few times over the years, retaining its most important components. That’s the same kind of logo success we are looking for in a customized design.

It will target the right audience

A logo done by an app or a template cannot be specifically targeted to a market. It will not be designed for the specific needs of your target audience. It will represent your brand poorly and will not reach the audience you intend to with your marketing campaign. But a customized logo design will represent what your market wants and expects.