If you have ever tried making a logo design out of templates and pre-programmed applications, you know that this is not the kind of design you want to represent your business. Most of the logos you find in these templates are generic, vague, and does not send the right message to your target audience. If you want your business to succeed and reach potential clients, you need to hire someone who understands the importance of a logo design for business.

The first thing you need to look for in a logo designer is his experience and his background. When did he start designing logos? What logos has he designed in the past? Does he understand the importance of a logo design for a business? Does his business have its own logo and what does it tell you?

While there are bigger companies out there who can design a logo for you in a snap of their fingers, the truth is that logo design is a highly specialized skill. Sure, a logo is just going to be stamped on receipts, notepad, company memo pads, and many little things like that but remember that logos represent your company in many ways, too, such as on billboards, on tarpaulins, on flyers, on social media, and well, hey, the front of your actual store.

Understanding the purpose of logos

When you meet with your prospective logo designer, we want you to look for one thing: an understanding of the purpose of the logo. If he tells you that the logo he is planning for you is going to be good on printed paper, on your memo pad, on your other company products but failed to realize that it wouldn’t send the right message on social media, then we have a problem, Houston.

A logo designer is supposed to create a logo that can deliver the right message across all platforms. When we see the logo of Apple outside their building in New York, we know instantly what it means. When we see it in malls, on their products, and on social media, we know what it means—highly innovative products that can stretch our budgets thin (you know that’s true).

But if your designer doesn’t understand that logos are supposed to work on all platforms and not just on company papers or on social media or on billboards, then you should drop that contract you’re about to sign and look for someone else that can deliver the kind of service you need.