Social media is crucial to the success of every company, big or small. Though businesses use sound internet marketing strategies to gather more likes, comments, and shares on their Facebook and Instagram pages, these strategies are not enough. Businesses continue to fail to maximize the potential of social media and its vast powers.

Here, we gathered some of the most important things you need to learn when marketing through social media:

Create and use chatbots

If you haven’t been using chatbots on your Facebook Messenger, then you’re losing a golden opportunity to connect with your customers and make a sale. This is the one digital tool that can communicate and resolve problems for your customers without a need for human intervention.

Chatbots can now be integrated into our favorite platform: Facebook Messenger. The tool will allow the bot to answer queries, take orders directly from Messenger, and connect with major payment systems.

Build a community

Although your number of followers and other metrics are important, they are not the be all and end all of social media marketing.

Build an online community where your followers can share knowledge and experience, as well as reviews and recommendations about your business. Show your emotions to your customers and integrate humor into your posts. Social media is all about being social and if your customers see the same posts over and over again, they will eventually lose interest in your company.

Some of the things that you can try on your posts are: ask your customers questions, gather their opinions, share newsworthy information, like and share their posts, and ask them to like and share your posts.

Diversify your page’s content

Post texts, images, videos, memes, links, and other forms of media on your page. Your Facebook page will look bland if you simply share texts all the time. Jazz it up by sharing other forms of media. This will help to catch your audience’s attention and it will add another level of personality to your brand.

Use brand advocates

Many businesses hire and pay celebrities and social media influencers to market their brands. While that is well when you have the budget, that does not sound good for small businesses that are just starting. Instead of spending all your money on endorsers, why don’t you maximize what you already have? In addition to inviting customers to be your brand advocates, you could also use your own employees.