Look, as a business owner, you should only want two things: first, to provide the best products/services to your target audience and second, to make money as soon as possible. These two things go hand in hand which means that if you’re running a Lakeland internet marketing business, you want to provide the best internet marketing service to your potential clients so they will do two things (again) for you: the first one is to be your loyal client, to keep coming back to your firm for their internet marketing needs and the second one is to recommend your agency to their friends in the industry.

But you cannot depend on networking and recommendations and good old reviews alone. While word-of-the-mouth marketing still works, businesses now have to be extra skillful in selling themselves to their clients.

Make a unique proposition stand out

What separates you from the rest? Surely, your business has something that no other company in your industry is offering? You have to be a standout in order for people to notice you. Let’s say, for example, your internet marketing business can create a customized strategy in less than 24 hours. That’s your selling point. Businesses or anyone who needs marketing services can go to you and expect to have a marketing plan customized to their needs in less than a day.

Create a decoy effect on your pricing range

Many businesses have used the decoy effect to persuade customers to subscribe or pay for the more expensive service that they offer. If you’re going to offer only two options—the less expensive and the expensive one—clients are more likely going to choose the cheaper one even if the more expensive option is going to give them more. As an internet marketing company, you are offering different packages for your services. Make sure to have a middle package—one that is more expensive than the cheapest option but also more “affordable” than your most expensive option.

For example, your cheapest option offers Facebook and Twitter management, two blog posts a week, and Google Ads management. Your most expensive one will add five blog posts a week, Instagram and Pinterest management, landing page design, link building and email marketing, and four eBooks a month.

Some might choose the cheaper option because it will cost only $1,000 while the most expensive one will cost $2,500. What you can do is offer an option that is somewhere in the middle though leaning more to the expensive package.

For $2,000, you can offer Facebook and Twitter management, three blog posts a week, Facebook and Twitter management, Google Ads management, one eBook per month, and landing page design management. Customers will realize that for just $500 more a month, they will get the premium offer. You can also throw in a 24/7 technical support if you can.