Your website isn’t ranking even though it has all the prerequisites—regular blogs, video content, fast loading speed, and easy navigation. So, what are you missing? Lakeland SEO! That’s what’s missing. Your website has to be optimized for search engines. But before diving into creating keyword-loaded content, you should make an audit of your website. What level of SEO does it have? What are the issues that your website is looking at?

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content happens in two ways. One, you used two tags for one post. The post will appear under both tags/categories. Search engines will translate that as duplicate posts. You can manage these posts by accessing the option not to index tags and categories. That should solve this problem.

Two, you could be intentionally duplicating posts. If you are creating landing pages for different cities, your laziness might be prompting you to copy-paste text and just edit out the name of the location. For example, you could be changing the location from Lakeland to Tampa. This shortcut will create problems for your Lakeland SEO.

Duplicate Title Tags

Title tags are what appear on top of your browser page. When you have multiple web pages, you may think it’s smart to use one title tag and replace only the name of the location to where the page is dedicated. This isn’t good for your SEO. You won’t rank for your desired keywords. What you need to do right now is to find all the duplicated title tags and replace them. They need to be unique from each other so that Google won’t tag the page as a duplicate.

Low Word Count

Many websites are guilty of this. Because website developers depend on visuals (images and videos), it is so easy to forget that the web pages should have text, too. If your web page has a word count of under 200 words, trust that search engines such as Google won’t rank you on their search results. You will struggle to rank even if you use the proper keywords and key phrases.

Assessing the current Lakeland SEO level of your website will help not only in improving the site’s ranking on search engines, but also the reputation of the website. Thus, more internet users will be made aware of your website and what it can do for them. This gives your company a chance to introduce your products/services and raise brand awareness.