There is no doubt that every company should be investing in Lakeland SEO. It is the only way to get a good rank on search engines. Without SEO, people won’t even know that your business exists. And they won’t care either. Studies showed that 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine. This means that your ranking on search engine result pages has never been more critical.

The best way to research for keywords that will fit your business is through brainstorming. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Start With Your Product

Sit down and put your products on the table. Yes, literally. If you’re a service-based business, write down what services you offer and put the list on the table before you. Literally look at what you’re offering and figure out the words that most customers will associate with it. When you think of keywords, think about how others see the products and not how you want to see them.

Write down all the words and phrases that relate to the product. This shouldn’t be tough since you specialize in your product.

Add Modifiers and Description

Being more specific will get you fewer results, but there’s a better chance of you topping the rank in more specific keywords, too. For example, you are running a restaurant. Sure, restaurant is the proper keyword for it, but that will result in millions of search items. You need to be more specific such as “Lakeland restaurant” or “24/7 diner in Lakeland, FL.”

Ask Everyone

Ask your employees, friends, and families to do the same. They can write down the words and phrases they associate with your business. Sometimes, no matter how you know the product, it’s helpful to see it from the perspective of other people. You will see them under a different light. They might think of words and phrases that you never would have thought about. This will guide your strategy of building a keyword list that can improve your Lakeland SEO.

Finding the right keywords takes time and effort from you and your employees. You also need to test these keywords from time to time to find out the most effective ones. Because while listing them down helps you get a good grasp of what keywords are used to search for your business, nothing beats the knowledge you will gain from testing the keywords on your actual audience.