Lakeland web designThe problem with most businesses is that they fail to recognize the importance of Lakeland web design and how this can help their business. Truth of the matter is, a business can seize to exist just because of a wrong decision of a web design. If, for example, the business owner decided to forego the services of a web design company, it is the site that will obviously suffer. The lack of maintenance can, of course, adversely affect how the site will function under strenuous circumstances or once new trends arrive.

As a business owner, it’s important that you begin to understand how big of an impact web design has on the conversion rate of a website. Here are the top three elements that could affect the conversion rate:


How can navigation and accessibility relate to conversion rates? When a website is easy to navigate and access, when the URL address is easy to remember, visitors are more likely to stay with it or to visit it again next time. Have you ever visited a website whose homepage presents nothing but a bunch of words? How are you going to go to the next page? The services web page, in particular? If the visitor is confused from the get go, how can you expect him to stay with the site? Maximum accessibility and ease of navigation is needed to retain probable customers.


Maybe you don’t think that the wording on the homepage has any real impact on the conversion rate of the website? Maybe the wording of your About Us page has nothing to do with the success of your site? The truth is, the right wording can help increase the profitability of the website. In a call to action, the word free is 4.2-percent more effective than other terms. That only means that customers are more likely to click on a link that says “free” download, etc.


Do not ever overlook the importance of colors in a Lakeland web design. Studies have shown that the color red is more effective when used on headings and even subheadings while navy blue is essential for a call to action button. Web visitors are more likely to click on that call to action button when a web designer used the navy blue color for the it. Your web designer should know the importance and the significance of each color. Remember, culture can also play a role on how web designers should choose colors for the site.