Do you believe that your company needs a business blog? It is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your prospects. With a business blog, you can introduce your company, talk about your products and services, and answer inquiries from your customers. But it’s not all about the content. You have to make sure that your blog page has a great Orlando web design, too.

It all starts with the homepage. This is where your web visitors will first notice your blog. How does your blog content look like from the homepage? Do you use hero images? What snippets of the text do you include?

Once on your actual blog page, you need to decide on several things—imagery, grid layout, preview text, centering, sidebar elements, and asocial share buttons.


Each of your blog posts should have a featured image. This will help web users connect better with the content. Make sure to highlight the same featured image as a hero image on your homepage. If the web users find an image interesting on the homepage, it should be easy for them to search for it when they visit the blog page.

Grid Layout

Most blog pages use a grid view. This is when the blogs are placed inside boxes. The web users can click on those boxes if they want to visit the particular content. The box contains an image, the headline, and a preview text. Do you want to use the same layout or do you want to be completely out of the box and create a different one?

Preview Text

It is better to include a preview text of the article on the main blog page. What preview text should you include? It should be a different one than the first paragraph of your blog. If you are familiar with a meta description, that’s kind of how a preview text should sound like. You should write at least two lines of text that will encapsulate what the topic is about.


When the web users open the blog, where should they see the content? In the middle or on the sides so there is room for sidebar content? That’s one other thing you should worry and think about.

Sidebar Elements

If you do have a sidebar, what is included there? At most, you should have there your recent posts, author bio, call-to-action, popular posts, and other offers. The options are endless when it comes to sidebar elements. However, you need to decide on this before you start creating the Orlando web design.

Social Share Buttons

Will the social share buttons appear on the homepage of the blog page or on each content? Are the buttons going to move as you scroll the page or are they going to be static (fixed on the top or bottom of the page)? You want it to be easy for your web users to share your content with their social media network. So, think about that when you decide what to do with your social share buttons.