The launching of a brand new website and web design is always a very exciting thing to behold. There’s nothing quite like seeing all of the fruits of your hard work up on the internet for everybody to see and appreciate. However, as anybody who has worked on a website can tell you, this is not an easy point to get to. It’s going to take hours of collaboration and work to make sure that your website is put together in the exact same way that you envisioned.

So when you finally get to the point of launching, it might be very tempting to launch right away. After all, with all the work that you’ve put into it, shouldn’t it make sense that all your work is done and it’s ready for launching? You should always take the time to look over your final web design to make sure everything is perfect before launching in order to make sure that there are no issues later on. Here is the ultimate pre-launch website checklist.

Visual design

Of course, one of the first things that you can do when looking over your website during pre-launch is the visual design of the whole thing. It might seem tedious, but you should be looking over every aspect of your web design as a whole to make sure that nothing is out of place. Are your design’s colors consistent throughout the entire website? Are all of the images on your website of good quality? You’re going to want to avoid blurry, low-quality images on your website as much as possible. Make sure that you check all aspects of your design before anything else, as this is what users will notice first.

Responsive design

Responsive design is one of the most important factors taken into consideration in any website that you see today. Because mobile users make up a significant part of online users nowadays, mobile responsiveness is now being considered in a website’s ranking. Before you launch your website, you’re going to want to check if your website is adapting properly to smaller screens.


This is going to take some time, but you should check all of the links on your website to make sure that they’re working properly. Broken links can cause some problems for you down the road in terms of site bounce rate and conversions, especially if the broken link is a major link on your website. Taking the time to do this will ease up on a lot of problems you may potentially face in the future.


Of course, you’re going to want to check on your website’s content to make sure that every single piece of it is grammatically and factually sound. Since a lot of users come to your website for your content, it’s important to make sure that everything is in place.