Potential web clients are not stagnant. They do not find web designers just for them to design the website and leave it be. They want to understand the process of Tampa web design. They are actively seeking information that will make them understand how a website is being designed, developed, and maintained. As a web designer, it is to your best interest to explain the six steps that make up the foundation of good web design.

Step 1: Discover

This step is all about the client and his business or profession. What is the goal of the website? What does the business offer? Who are the competitors and how are they faring in the industry? Who are the target customers? You cannot begin designing or developing a website if you don’t know who you are marketing it to.

Step 2: Plan

This is the part where you will plan an SEO strategy. You will map out the website in your head or in your computer, making sure that the experience of a web visitor will be seamless and will lead him to purchase a product or a service. This is where the overall strategy for marketing the business or profession through the website will begin.

Step 3: Design

The design step includes the basic web page elements such as the header, the font style, the navigation, the widgets, the tools, etc. The designer can use Adobe Photoshop to create a mock-up of each page so that the client can understand and imagine what each page will look like once the website goes live.

Step 4: Develop

Web designers are different from web developers. Web designers are the ones who create the Tampa web design. The developers will be the one to see that design to fruition. They will turn the design into a series of computer codes. Sometimes, the designer and the developers are one and the same.

Step 5: Launch

Before you launch the website, make sure that you have a checklist. This list will have all the necessary elements and factors checked off before the big launch is made.

Step 6: Maintain

Sure, the launch of your Tampa web design was successful, but how do you maintain that interest coming in from potential clients? Website maintenance is important for the long-haul success of the website and the business. Make sure that the clients know all about the importance of maintaining the website. No matter how good web design is, that will be for nothing if the website isn’t properly maintained.