When the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the coronavirus as a pandemic in March, people turned to the internet to find as much information as they can about this new strain of the same virus that causes SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome. Businesses, of course, scrambled to get their Tampa web design ready for this deluge of new information they need to put on their websites for their visitors. After all, how outdated a website must be to never address the pandemic?

People will want to visit the websites of the brands they support. These sites will give them a rundown of what the companies are doing to protect their employees from the virus. Are they closing temporarily? Will their staff be working from home? Are they going to deliver products and services? Will they launch a new e-commerce platform?

The success of a business during this pandemic hinges on its ability to integrate its coronavirus response into its Tampa web design. It doesn’t need to be grand. It doesn’t need to take much space on your website. What it needs is to be comprehensive enough to let web visitors see that you are acknowledging the pandemic and that as a business, you are not running from it.

Many businesses tried to run away from the problems caused by the pandemic. They didn’t address it. They didn’t message their loyal customers about it. So, what happened? Their customers are left wondering. They don’t know if they have a brand to support. They don’t know if your company still exists. Can they still order from your online store? Are you still operating? Can they expect you to come up with new products?

Because of some businesses’ refusal to acknowledge the presence of the pandemic and the disruption that it caused, they lost customers. Their clients have to find another brand to support. Unbeknownst to these brands, customers love supporting brands who care for the community and their employees. This matters to them. They know the financial power that these brands yield, and they like to see them using that for the greater good.

Your Tampa web design should provide this kind of information to your web visitors and loyal customers. They need to know that you are playing your role in society and that you are contributing to the greater good. Your response to the pandemic is indicative of your acceptance of this role.