Perhaps, there are no better colors to symbolize the year that we’ve been through and the year ahead of us. The Pantone Color of the Year is two colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. The American company chose the two colors as a seeming ode to the year 2020 when we all spent our time isolating indoors and the year 2021 when we’re hopeful that the new normal will set in. But what does it mean for Orlando web design and the web design industry in general?

Ultimate Gray symbolizes firmness and stability. These are the two things we need today more than ever. It is a neutral and balanced color that is meant to signal continuation in an ever-increasing instability of the world. With gray being neither black nor white, it stands as the common denominator between two schools of thought: one that we’re past the worst of the pandemic and two that we should be ready for more challenges this year.

On the other hand, there’s also Illuminating Yellow, which signals hope, enlightenment, strength, sunshine, and spring. It symbolizes a brighter future which is what everyone hopes to achieve this year. In the color spectrum, yellow is the most illuminating color as it refers to lemons, sunflowers, bees, and canaries. It means happiness, warmth, and sunshine. Truly, there is no color more symbolical of what we hope 2021 will look like.

For Orlando web design, the combination of these two colors will be a little tricky. Although both colors are usually well-received by web users, the combination isn’t at all trendy. How can web designers work these two colors on their websites?

Design Elements

Since 2021 will be about minimalistic styles, web designers can use gray for the major elements of the website. Yellow can be used sparingly for the images, animation, text, and sidebars. These two colors don’t need to appear equally on the website, but a lean toward gray might be what web designers are ultimately going to do.

Clean websites are all the rage today. And why not? The past year has been fraught with difficulties that even just for a moment, we want to rest our eyes on something familiar (gray) and hopeful (yellow). These will play into how Orlando web design companies are going to choose which colors to highlight on their pages. And while the rest of the world is still on tenterhooks about the pandemic, at least websites can offer the stability that is sorely lacking in our lives now.