When it comes to building a website and creating an Orlando web design, the entire process can be full of frustrations. However, whether it’s your first or fiftieth time being a part of the design process, you can’t deny that it is an experience that allows you the chance to learn and fully appreciate what goes into a single website.

You should always remember that when it boils down to it, a good website isn’t all about the visual aspect of your website, rather, it’s about how it functions for your business and provides a positive experience for your users. Learn more about the Orlando web design creation process to understand how every step is necessary to bring the client the final website product that can be fully utilized for their benefit.

Goal and scope identification

Before a single line of code has been inputted and before a single site element has been decided on, this is the very first step of the design and development process. This step is where the foundation of the entire thing is laid out. While it might seem like a small step, this is very important to the overall process.

Taking the time to determine the goal of the website design and the scope of the project can help guide the overall process to help meet these goals. Failing to identify the goals and scope of the project can lead to taking directions that may not help the progress of the project, so everything that is needed by the project definitely needs to be clarified ahead of time.

Wireframing and sitemap

Once the foundation has been laid out, it’s time to get to work. This is where wireframing and site mapping comes in. A sitemap acts as a sort of blueprint of the website, where specific pages and features are planned out as well as how they are expected to function as a whole website.

On the other hand, the wireframe is the visual representation of the website, which places an emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of the site. These basic drafts are necessary to get everyone on the same page in regards to how the website is supposed to look and function.

Content and visual element creation

This is where the bulk of the work comes in. When everyone knows their role in the process and what to do, this is where everything you see gets built. Content gets written, website visuals and elements get designed and placed into the website layout. Basically, this is what people think about when they ask about the Orlando web design process.

Testing and launching

When everything is built and placed into the website, you might be excited to launch, but there’s one last step. Make sure that everything on the website is tested, from links to responsiveness. You don’t want to launch an untested product. Once you’ve tested it enough times, it’s time to launch your new website.