Having a website can be a boon to any business, but the benefits of that website will never be fully realized without a user-friendly design. Website design is a tricky business, requiring artistic vision and technical skill, but putting effort into the process is not a wasted effort. There are three major points to consider when putting together a website, vital aspects that should be kept in mind and discussed openly with your web designer.

1. Navigation
Above all else, a website should be easy to navigate. Fabulous graphics and great content are pointless if they’re hard to find or get lost in the clutter. Help your web design specialists by laying out all the information you want to include on your website in an organized, logical fashion. Make sure a search function, contact information, and a “home” button are all included in easy-to-find areas.

2. Layout
After the information is organized, a great layout should be next. Include your logo and let your website design specialist know what you’re looking for, but don’t be afraid to let him or her have some free reign for artistic vision. Just make sure that the website looks and feels the way you would want a brick-and-mortar version of your business to. Don’t try to include too many ads and make sure they never overpower your content. A specialist that is well-versed in graphic design and aesthetics can help find a good balance.

3. Content
Users on the internet are looking for information, so a website should be able to give them what they’re looking for, without excessive searching. Your web content needs to be relevant, valuable, and, of course, flawlessly written. Content, all though not visual, is still a vital aspect of web design that needs to be carefully considered as part of the overall plan. Work closely with your specialist to make sure your content is integrated well into the layout of a site.

Designing a great website takes work, but with some forethought and a great specialist, yours can shine. For more information on design services, contact Bright Sky Web Design today.

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