Isn’t it amazing how we can get food and items delivered to our house? Isn’t it amazing that we can tap a button on our screens and in a few minutes, someone will knock on our front doors to take out our dogs for a walk? That’s the power of technology. That’s also how important Orlando web design is. By providing the best user interface, a website can improve one’s user experience and thereby, persuade that web user to avail of your services or buy products from your site.

User interface

A website’s user interface refers to the elements that a web user interacts with. This points to the menu bars, the pages, the inquiry forms, etc. These are the components that make navigating your site easier. They are tangible. They can be moved and adjusted. They dictate how a user will interact with your website.

User Experience

It is more complicated to explain what user experience is. Basically, it refers to the total experience the user has navigating your website. Every component on your website must work toward this goal: providing a great user experience for web visitors. You choose the right font style and size because you want it to be easier for your web visitors to read your posts. You are using high-quality photos because they provide a better perspective for your visitors.

In short, user experience is about how the qualities of your website make a web visitor feels. It is the totality of the website.

Where Should You Focus?

There’s one thing you need to remember when talking about UI and UX. Navigation should be your priority. Whatever and however you decide to design your website, it should be easy to navigate. People—baby boomers, millennials, and generation z—all have one thing in common when it comes to browsing websites: they want to find information fast and easy. Complicated websites rarely succeed in any kind of industry.

If web visitors cannot navigate your site well, you have no business having a website online. Every business must work to create an Orlando web design that’s easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. That’s why web designers are continuously educating themselves about trends and tools. Slideshows look great but they make a site slow to load? Forget about them.

Your focus should be on how web visitors can easily find relevant information on your site. When they land on your page, they should not be confused with your site’s components. It should be clear to them where they should go. Your site’s elements should lead and guide them.