The past year has been anything but certain. Even right now, we feel uncertain about our health, finances, jobs, and relationships. We aren’t even sure if we’re making the right decisions for our families—whether to stay in or move from the city. That’s why people are turning to Lakeland internet marketing for familiarity and certainty. At least in businesses and the brands that they have supported throughout the years, the feeling is the same.

Why do you think that in the past year, we’ve often felt bad when brands that we know since we were kids fall on hard times? When a diner you’ve eaten in since you first started working in the company has suddenly closed because of the pandemic, don’t you feel a little sense of loss, too? That’s because we’re deeply attached to things, moments, and ideas. When we lose something, we grieve over it on our own terms.

Enter nostalgia marketing. It is the type of marketing strategy that helps marketers relate their products and services to society. What are the trends that your current audience would love? To be successful in nostalgia marketing, you have to know your audience and how they cling to memories of the past. If you are marketing to Millennials, then think of all the cultural trends of the 90s. These are most likely the things that they enjoyed when they were in their teens.

You can capitalize on these long-ago trends and reintroduce them with a twist of your own modern taste. You can re-manufacture products that have been discontinued. For example, do you remember how kids were so crazy for friendship bracelets back then? How about trying your hand at it again? Maybe some of these Millennials will want to buy these bracelets just for fun?

These are such unprecedented times that one of the goals of your marketing strategy should be to provide comfort and stability to your market. The best way to know if your nostalgia marketing will work is to try it out by releasing some samples. You can even ask your market directly. That’s the beauty of being on social media 24/7. Someone is always going to respond to your online “survey.” You can use the insights you gather to decide what trends, products, and services you should reintroduce.

Nostalgia is familiar, safe, and comforting. Lakeland internet marketing strategies will do well using nostalgia to provide customers the kind of experience that they need.