It is no secret that the past months have been super hard on businesses, small and large. Jobs have been cut. Expenses are piling up. Business owners are closing down their physical shops and transitioning online. The streets are mostly empty. Restaurants can only accommodate 30% of their seating capacity. Everyone’s just trying to survive in this pandemic. But for businesses, survival isn’t the only option. You can thrive, too, with the use of Lakeland marketing strategies.

You’ve had these strategies and methods in place even before the pandemic. Why let them go to waste? A little tweak here and there should be enough to make these campaigns fit the current situation. Sure, you cannot launch a new product through a grand event. But livestream videos and teleconferencing are the thing now. You can ride in this bandwagon, save on costs of actually organizing an event, and transition to this new normal of advertising and promoting products.

More importantly, you can continue engaging with your target audience. This isn’t the time to cower behind the unknown. Go out there and continue communicating with your audience even if you don’t know exactly when your business will return to normal operations. Marketing your business right now and worrying about what the future holds are two separate things. Compartmentalize. Learn how to deal with these things separately. Your engagement with your audience should not suffer.

Hold a Regular Webinar or Livestream Event

Depending on the kind of business you are in, you should consider holding a regular livestream or webinar session. Remember that people are being asked to stay at home as much as possible. Even though many businesses have started reopening, many are still wary about the prospect of staying outdoors. That’s why they spend much of their time either watching shows on TV or browsing their social media feed and answering emails. They’re into online shopping, too.

Why should you not have a slice of this new market? Make sure they remember your brand when they go about browsing online stores and considering offers. The only way for that to be possible right now is to be present on social media. Create and organize web-based events that will connect you to your audience. Through these events, you can ask questions, be asked questions, and share information.

The pandemic shouldn’t stop your Lakeland marketing efforts. It should enhance them. Your business will suffer for sure but with creativity and innovativeness, it has the best chance to thrive under the circumstances.