More than 80 percent of people shopped online this year so far. In other words, if you want to be a successful merchant or seller, the web is the best place for you to be. However, that sounds easier said than done. To compete with the other businesses in the field, you need to have a Lakeland web design that is friendly to your clients and that markets your products and services well.

If your products are absolutely unique, you are safe from obscurity and you may easily attract customers to your site. However, if you’re just like any other business that has competitions in the field, you should focus on creating an eCommerce website that can boost your sales and your brand’s presence.

Allow the PayPal payment method

Personally, one of the things I hate about eCommerce sites is when they don’t allow the PayPal payment method. How hard can it be to affiliate with PayPal when you’re an eCommerce website? People rarely want to find their credit card and enter the details one by one. They need the easiest way to check out their purchases, which is to simply enter their email addresses for PayPal. The checkout process should be easy or people will begin abandoning their carts.

Allow visitors to purchase as “guests”

Here’s the other thing I personally abhor: when I need to sign up for the site and receive newsletters. I get it that a business owner wants the information to send future promotions and information. You can still do this without needing customers to sign up and enter all their personal details. You can make it an easy “guest” sign in by simply asking their email addresses or even their Facebook or Google account. Try to make this step very simple.

Add customer testimonials

Clients will listen to customers like themselves who have experienced the service you are offering or have tried the products you are selling. They want to see testimonials from actual people who have tried your products. Trust us, this is a go-getter for many clients who are on tenterhooks whether to buy your products and subscribe to your service.

Highlight your competitive advantages

Are you offering free delivery? Do you have a no-questions-asked return policy? Can you be reached 24/7 online for inquiries? Highlight these things on your Lakeland web design homepage and make sure that your customers know they can take advantage of these features.