Running a blog on your website is a sound internet marketing strategy that can drive traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your brand and your company. It is a marketing channel, just like a social media platform, that helps support the growth of a business.

In the past, a blog is being managed and run separately from a website. But they have not integrated the two together. While the rest of the website remains static, meaning the information does not change, blogs are updated frequently with new and fresh content. A blog basically works like a news site and it can update new and old customers about the latest company news.

The very nature of blogging makes them useful to businesses because they provide new content to draw people back and they offer a way for customers and businesses to interact.

Inexpensive and easy to run

Blogging is inexpensive. You can use WordPress or you can have your own domain, but it still would be cheaper compared to the other internet marketing strategies. You can customize the appearance of your blog, so it will reflect the same personality as your business.

This will help the seamless influence of customers to purchase products from your online shop. All you have to do in running a blog is to update the information there regularly and to post about what is happening with your business—latest news, new products and services, promos and discounts, and other events.

Blog platforms are easy to use and run. As long as you know how to copy, paste, type, and drag and drop, you can have a professional-looking blog in no time.

Improves search engine ranking

Google loves finding new links and content. They like tagging keywords and key phrases used in the content of the blog. You can use related keywords to your business so that customers will be driven to your website.

Normally, an internet user would click on the pages found on the first page of the search results. These sites all have blogs and their contents are optimized for a good search engine ranking.

Connect and engage with your market

While platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter open up engagement with customers, blogs can allow you to have a conversation with your target audience. With a blog, you are presenting an idea and new information about your product or your business.

It gives you more space to explain and discuss what the product is and how it can help your customers. This “sales pitch” could get customers to respond with their inquiries unlike on Facebook and Instagram where most customers would simply “like” the posts.