As online technology grows more advanced, so does people’s concerns about their online security. People browse Lakeland web design on a daily basis and entrust so much of their sensitive data, such as their personal and financial information, to these websites. It can be easy to understand why online security is the number one concern for most online users.

If you’re going to working on a business website, you have to make sure to implement the needed security features, as this is a very important factor in any online user’s decision to stay on your website. To make sure that you have all of the needed security features in place, here are some of the basics of security for your Lakeland web design.

Protect your website from the foundation

When it comes to implementing good security on your website, you have to make sure to protect your website from the foundation stage. This is because it cuts down on a lot of work that you have to do, shielding off any online hacks if you have a strong web hosting service for your website. A strong and secure web hosting service for your website can already do a lot of the security work for you and your website.

Make sure to have an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is one of the most basic forms of security that any website can have, and is not one that you should forget about. Online browsers and users alike view websites that have no SSL certificate as insecure and should not be trusted, so make sure to have an SSL certificate implemented for your website.

Implement a strong password policy

One major concern that online users have with the websites that they use is the fear that their passwords are going to be stolen from them, which means that they could lose access to their accounts and the information that is stored there. To minimize the risk of this, make sure to implement a strong password policy that requires things like a set number of characters, the use of numbers, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, and the use of special characters in users’ passwords.

Make sure to back up your files

Even with the best security features in place, you want to make sure that you have the latest backup of your Lakeland web design and other website information so that if there is a data breach, you can easily handle it and restore the website to its latest version.