What a year it has been, huh? So many businesses have to close down because of the pandemic so if yours is somehow still standing, count yourself lucky. You have been blessed with a loyal clientele and marketing strategies that worked for your business. But in 2021, you cannot be complacent still. There will be a lot of new trends in Lakeland SEO, which means it is time to take stock of the strategies you use for your digital marketing.

User and Search Intent

By any means, this is not a new trend. User intent has long been a factor in search engine results, but are we only just starting to realize how important this is? It is important to refocus one’s strategy on user intent because it changes every time. Google will focus more on providing a great experience for users rather than what your website needs. So, forget about forcing your web visitors to sign up for a newsletter or subscribe to your YouTube channel. If that is the main agenda of your website, it’s going to have a hard time climbing the top of the search results.

Google is going to be very smart and intelligent in identifying websites that have expert content. It will start recognizing what users want. The next time that they search for something, the search engine will know exactly what they want to read.

Behavior Analytics

How is your market behaving on the internet? How are you going to retain them as customers? Brands that do not understand their market will risk their audience being influenced by other brands. Lakeland SEO has evolved into much more than mere keyword research. The point of understanding SEO today is to retain customers and improve their lifetime value. You have to think of ways to use SEO to make your customers return to your website for their future needs.


Your presence on the internet will be highlighted in 2021. Your organization must ensure its presence in relevant knowledge bases such as Wikidata. For physical businesses, they must make a Google My Business profile because it adds relevance and legitimacy to Google’s search results.

Companies must establish their place on the internet. This allows Google to “find” you and index your brand. Although keyword research is still important, come 2021, it will come secondary to understanding the query and intent behind that query.

Is your brand ready for these trends? You better gear up and prepare your Lakeland SEO strategies for 2021.