Minimalist web design is becoming more and more popular nowadays if you’ve seen the websites that companies are putting out today. Minimalism is huge nowadays, and it’s something that you see in both websites and applications. When it comes to minimalist design, one of the core components of this type of design style is whitespace. Whitespace refers to negative space or the empty space that you see in a website’s design.

This is not really something that you think about while browsing a website, but if there is too much or too little whitespace in a website, you will definitely notice it. The key to whitespace in a design is that users don’t notice it. To plenty of website owners, whitespace might seem like a lot of wasted space that’s just calling out to be filled in, but you need to allow whitespace to exist in your design and for good reason. Here are some of the significant advantages of using whitespace in your web design.

Makes content easier to read

The number one advantage of using whitespace in your website is the fact that it makes it a lot easier to read the content on your website. Whitespace is highly recommended if your website is heavily based on content, particularly the written kind. If there is a lack of whitespace in your website, this can make your website look cluttered, and very hard to read. As a content website, this may cause you to lose readers and ultimately, site traffic. Whitespace in content must be applied, not only to the background of the website but among the words themselves as well. Make sure that there is enough whitespace in between the letters, words, and paragraphs of your content to make it much easier for your users to read them.

It’s more visually attractive

Another significant advantage that whitespace gives your website is the fact that it’s more visually attractive as a whole. We’ve mentioned that minimalism is a very popular web design trend today, and whitespace plays a very significant role in this. Not only is minimalism very popular nowadays, but it is also a very visually appealing design and for good reason. Its clean lines and gradient color schemes are very attractive to the eye, and with the whitespace involved, it makes the entire website much easier to take in from a visual perspective.

It gives off a better impression of your website to your users

Minimalist web design is considered the “in” design of today. While it isn’t necessary for you to follow the entire minimalist movement, it is very important to implement whitespace on your website because it leaves a better impression on your users. Cluttered websites are regarded are more untrustworthy by online users, and you wouldn’t want your site to fall under that impression.