There are two main reasons why some Orlando web design is not working as it should be. One, they look like they came out from the internet in 1995. And two, newer websites use modern web design trends that render any website that does not follow it useless. If you are not anywhere near the spectrum of modern web design, then you are doing your site and business a disservice.

Responsive Design

Your website should respond according to the device on which it is being viewed. Believe it or not, but many websites are still not responsive. For the visitors to navigate them, they have to scroll up and down, left and right to see the text and images clearly. Eventually, you will annoy your web visitors and they’ll just want to leave you.

Parallax Scrolling

This design trend is when the background (usually an image) moves at different speeds than the foreground image or text. It creates a 2D effect that entertains users and makes the web page look more modern. It also creates an illusion of depth since two visual elements move at different speeds when someone scrolls on the page.

Big, Bold Fonts

Sans serif typefaces are the easiest fonts to read on screens. Many magazines have used them for years on their covers because they are easy on the eye. It makes the customer experience smoother and richer. The same principle guides Orlando web design. Designers must use clean, big, and bold fonts to draw the attention of the visitors.

Otherwise, it is easy for people to simply pass by a piece of information if nothing there looks interesting enough for them to read. Using the depth of the font faces will allow a web designer to attract the attention of the web visitors to the most important elements of the web page. It’s a trick that’s effective both in traditional and modern marketing.

Hero Images

This type of image is what’s called the giant, full-width graphics that usually dominate the top of every blog post or article. The graphics usually summarizes the text written below. If the web visitors want to get more information, they can read through the text. If they do not have time, the hero image is enough for them to understand what the text was about.


Multimedia refers to images, videos, interactives, 3D, animations, and other visual elements that make up the Orlando web design. When you include multimedia on your site, you make everything easy to navigate and consume. They make the content more enjoyable for your audience.