We have talked extensively about what to do with your Lakeland web design, but what about what you should never do? So many web designers and developers still fail at this point. There is a cardinal rule about designing a website that everyone should remember: do not follow trends if it will not bring value to your website. If you are going to follow trends, make sure that it will attract more of your target market.

Don’t Use Stock Photos

It is tempting to use stock photos sourced from free websites because they are cheap and they don’t cost much. Even their premium membership is easy on the pocket. However, when you do this, you also risk alienating your customers who are very particular about the images they see on your website. Try not to use stock photos for your website. It is very easy to produce your images since smartphones and DSLR cameras are accessible to us all the time.

Don’t Forget About The Loading Time

Have you forgotten about your website’s loading time? Are you so used to waiting for five seconds or more for your homepage to load that you forget all about your customer’s experience? Try to think of yourself as a customer visiting your site for the very first time. Would you be annoyed by the slow loading time of the homepage? From time to time, make sure to check the loading time of the pages on your website. If there are pages that are very slow to load, make the necessary adjustments to speed things up.

Don’t Overlook The Blog Page

You might have forgotten about your blog page. Never do that. Some of the most successful online stores and websites use their blog page to the maximum. This means updating the blog site now and then about industry news, product updates, and other relevant information for your target market.

Don’t Take Videos For Granted

Don’t ever think that videos will promote themselves. When you publish a video on your website, make it a point to promote it on your social media pages. No one will find your video if you do not post about it and if you do not share it to your network. Ask your friends to share the video link to their friends and so on. The only way that your videos will be effective is if you promote it.

Don’t Make It Hard For Your Clients

Don’t make navigating and browsing your website difficult for your clients. Think of your clients this way: some of them are tech-savvy and some of them are very tech challenged. Those who are tech-savvy will find it easy to look for information on your website no matter how cluttered it seems. But for those who are tech challenged, they will immediately leave your website if they feel that the Lakeland web design is not suitable for their Internet skills.