The competition to be on top of search engine ranking is as high as it can be. During the pandemic outbreak, a lot of companies moved their operations from physical stores to the virtual world. As a result, there’s more competition on the internet than ever before. The stakes are higher, too, if your Orlando web design can’t compete.

But everyone knows that the success of a website and therefore, a business, hinges on the conversion metrics. You need to make your website convert. Here are the three most impactful factors of web design:


It sounds almost trivial to worry about the color of your Orlando web design. The truth is that the right color scheme will help people convert. You should use it intelligently to contract and highlight propositions. For example, if your whole website uses light and pastel colors, you should use bright and loud colors for your call-to-action buttons. You need to create a contrast between your main website and the words that will tell your web visitors what you want them to do.

You have to make messages and design elements stand out. People will find them easily when you use contrasting colors.

KISS Principle

KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. The acronym is pretty self-explanatory. You have to remember that simpler designs on websites are way better than the more complex and complicated ones. It is easier to convince customers to convert when your website is well-organized and has easy-to-follow instructions. You do not need loud backgrounds, animation, and showy graphics to sell your company online. What you need is to make it easy for your web visitors to navigate your website.

Far too many business owners and web designers focus on making complex designs because they think it looks cooler. This is not the way this works. The KISS principle exists for a reason—it wants to simplify the process of navigating the website and it wants to make the experience more memorable for web visitors.


It seems odd for faces to be an Orlando web design principle. The idea is that images of people will help humanize your website. It helps visitors relate more to your business. You can use stock images for this, but real photos always look better. You should show how real people are using your products and services. This will help customers come to terms with how essential your products and services are in their lives.

Showing the human side of your company will make web visitors more comfortable about the idea of reaching out to you, contacting you, and buying your products.