Anybody can look back on the mess that was the year 2020 and say without a doubt that it was quite a year. However, despite everything that happened that could be considered catastrophic on so many levels, the world continues to spin, and we find ourselves at the start of a new year. Like the world, many industries continue with little to no regard for the changes going on, instead, choosing to adapt to those changes and taking on new trends. The Tampa web design industry is one of the industries that continue to bring about new trends and tech. So to keep you updated with current trends, here are some of the most common web design trends that you can anticipate for the year 2021.

Dark mode

With the ever-prevalent minimalist design at the forefront for many websites, many people assumed that the only way to create the empty space effect that a minimalist design calls for is through a white background. However, as web designers continue to test the limits of design trends to bring about the designs that you see and enjoy today.

One thing that they have found is that implementing a dark mode into a site design and following the conventions of minimalism results in a highly successful website. You can expect to see more websites implement a dark mode version into their designs.


Minimalism is not a new trend and it is something that you will continue to see in 2021. Minimalist website design is less a visual design trend and more of a design principle, which places an emphasis on the most important elements of your website. This results in a website that is not only clean, but is highly functional and timeless. Minimalist design is an ongoing trend that you will continue to see more of this year.

Organic design

With sustainability and environmental activism being some of the most often talked about topics recently, it is not surprising to find that implementing organic elements that focus on nature and neutral color palettes that reflect the environment’s colors is something that you can see a lot of this year.

Motion and interactivity

One of the most noticeable trends that you might have noticed in the Tampa web design industry in recent years is the focus on engagement within a site’s design. Because of this, it is not surprising that the implementation of interactive and motion design is something that you will see a lot of this year. Whether it’s an interactive website element, or on-site surveys, quizzes, and games, websites are going to be encouraging more engagement from their website visitors this year.